PSG Electrical has developed a firm relationship in managing total Facilities and Project Management from the beginning to the completion stage. PSG & Electrical Pty Ltd has managed various projects through subcontract or on its own by taking measures in Cost, Quality and Time.

At PSG we take careful approach to Domestic, Industrial or Commercial Projects, we take total control of each specific task to meet our strategic goals and;

  • Within Budget to achieve our goal
  • Achieve a quality of job with our experienced staff
  • Delivering projects on time


PSG & Electrical Contractors takes care of your projects whilst the clients focus on their strategic goals in achieving their targets. We will design the systems in such a way that everyone has got excess to monitor the ongoing status of their own projects, which is updated daily, with clients having separate logins for their projects. By utilizing PSG to manage the projects it frees up the resources that can be assigned to a critical activity and will ideally result in shorter project duration.

All our project tracking’s software is user friendly and we update daily to initiate our progress on a daily basis available in our online services for each client. By outsourcing contracts companies benefit from reduction in cost, quicker completion times, and greater flexibility, and higher level of expertise in the specialized field.

PSG Electrical takes an innovative approach when taking care of your property maintenance contracts; we will provide options on how you will minimize the cost for your property. PSG allows its clients to a choice to select a fixed price contract or a Cost Plus Contract, If you fill that your property or offices need attention, we will be happy to talk to you.