When it comes to savings talk to our expert solar team, we specialise in solar generation systems, with increase in recent power bills, solar installation will save you some of the cost that is associated with up raising power bills, PSG ELECTRICAL can provide solutions based on daily and quarterly consumption by carrying out calculated loads that will enable you to choose a most cost effective solar generation system

Solar Residential and Community

  • Licensed Electricians and Design to Australian Standards
  • Grid Connected Systems that power your home and send surplus power back to the Grid
  • High Quality installations for your roof, garage, skylights
  • Generate clean power and sell back to the Grid

Solar Commercial

  • We can design and deliver custom solar power solutions for your business
  • 20 years of commercial electrical experience
  • Large scale systems mounted and installed to suit your site
  • Demonstrate your environmental responsibility, generate clean power and offset your usage

Solar Schools

  • High quality with fully qualified and highly experienced installation teams
  • Offset energy while students learn renewal energy principles
  • Lodge data and create educational activities

Solar Inspections and Maintenance

  • Testing, Laser Temp and Manuals
  • Improve efficiency
  • Maintenance, Annual/Bi-annual
  • Safety Checks
  • Detailed reports
  • Solar System run at high voltages and need quality maintenance performed by licensed electricians to maintain optimum performance and safety

 Talk to our expert team on 0403 134 452 or simply send us an email