PSG Specialise in Commercial HVAC Solution, We have technicians trained in all areas of HVAC repairs, Maintenance or Automation,
Our Expertise in commercial HVAC


•  Comprehensive preventative maintenance and repairs reporting structure
•  Provide certification for damper and smoke control systems
•  Chiller maintenance and repairs (Specialist Trane Chiller & York Experts)
•  Boiler Testing and Certifications
•  Air Handling System repairs and Maintenance
•  Building Management System, Installation and Maintenance
•  Thermo-scanning for predictive maintenance of your equipment’s
•  Commercial Kitchen Exhaust System maintenance (Halton, Gaylord, Stoddard)
•  Full function fire Testing for all dampers and auxiliaries to comply with form 15A

HVAC Installation Works

• Design, and construct custom made Commercial exhaust systems and Install
•  Kitchen exhaust systems design and installation including ductwork
•  Design and Installation of commercial HVAC ducting systems for general Shops
•  General commissioning and certification of HVAC systems

PSG Electrical and Air-conditioning believes in:

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